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Yanfei Might Actually break Genshin Impact: Day 5

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Yanfei is clapping hard in Genshin Impact! I am loving her as my main DPS and can’t wait to get her some constellations!
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  1. yanfei: click click charged
    everyone: she's so good
    klee: click click charged
    everyone: so bad waste of primos

  2. Yanfei 😭 The only 4 star I don’t have 😭

  3. My characters are higher level and do less damage than his supports

  4. I'm being spoiled by your clips channel.

  5. Day 7 is really a step up on this account, i am happy tho

  6. Yo mtashed, i can say that this account doesnt want you to get meta weapons anymore and do the game with the off meta ones, maybe thats why the pulls are not going great

  7. So glad to see the update! btw, you don't need to climb to hit Duvalin with Yanfei's auto and E, if you have Fischl, you don't need to climb at all, just pop Oz then hit w/ Yanfei and overload the s*t out of it. really convenient.

  8. Mr. Mtashed, would you please check my account?
    I have a free-to-play account which I think if you see, you'll be surprised.

  9. I Started A New Account And Got Diluc On The Standard Banner And Both Bennet And Eula On Her Rerun:)

  10. Just got my 1st 5s Char on my other account and it took me 80!!! And i lost! Keqing appeared rather than Eula! 🤣

  11. Yanfei is so cool! I love the fact he's using her. Personally i've been using her as my sub dps since day 1 and i'll never change her

  12. F2p thinks buying bp and wk is a huge advantage. Let me tell you it’s not. It’s only a 30 something pull different. If your luck is as shitty as me. Losing every 50/50 and that extra material from bp not gonna matter if you keep getting characters you’ve already level. I’d rather be f2p with decent luck any days

  13. i recently got yanfei and she's already doing 10K damage! More than my DPS. She amazes me everytime and is so fun to play. She is so underrated!

    Update: She broke the record and did 20,000 DMG. i only realised after I got the achievement.

  14. Yeah, i really hope you make Yanfei as a DPS on your new account

    And you did it

  15. I like yanfei the game wants cuple of 10 poles then all single poles and got mona bro it is cause of your awesome luck then change different baners it works if find frkn pity but they dont wanna give frikn albedo and might go for the other banner

  16. is he not f2p anymore? he spent money on the battle pass

  17. Yanfei finally gets her well deserved recognition!

  18. i use rosaria and yanfei in my main party, so seeing mtash use rosaria and yanfei makes me happy <3

  19. i've been maining her since i started! i have her c6 and she's great- even with just a mappa mare. hoping to pull a skyward atlas eventually!

  20. yanfei mains all around the world are happy for this!!!

  21. Personally, I’ve deleted Genshin since I can’t control how much time I spend on the game.. but recently I’be found myself watching your streams a lot, and I’ve been finding this new series (your new account) very entertaining, especially now that you’re using mosty non-meta characters.

    Glad you found your groove again, Mtashed! It’s a win for everyone in the community! 🤩 (Except for ur haters, but y’know, who cares lmao)

  22. It's here boys… we've been waiting for this video

  23. I will follow your Yanfei's dps journey bro. 🔥🔥

  24. He wasn't joking when he said "you can beat this game with ur eye closed"

  25. You should do spiral Abbys we want to see tashman suffer 😂

  26. my friend got yanfei last banner and she loves using her too! I loved yanfei but I am trying to not use my level 10 friendship characters. XDDD and kaeya so op with rosaria!

  27. I decided to build yanfei since my wanderer troupe artifacts are insane and I was really impressed by the damage

  28. Better start farming out all those boss mats for the characters asap so you're not dragging later on.

  29. hay mtashed you made my my day thank you alot sorry about not getting albedo❤❤❤

  30. And me using c4 yanfei as a tank shield with hutao and xinquie

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