Yoimiya + Sayu and weapon summon (GIVEAWAY AS WELL) - Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

Yoimiya + Sayu and weapon summon (GIVEAWAY AS WELL) – Genshin Impact

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  1. 58:50
    Ah yes, Ayaka support. This is so true about f2p.

  2. imo, some people dislike Yoimiya because they seem bored of her gameplay. Maybe they don’t like how much long you should wait for her charged attack with those three fireworks ring thingy. More players opt to flashy gameplays like Baal or Childe with their change of stance. And i agree with Tenha that DPS can be replaced and like you only need 2 DPS for abyss. More people are wanting Baal than yoimiya because of her little versatility wherein you can play her as Main/Sub Dps despite being originally a support. But still, for those Yoimiya wanters, Genshin should be enjoyed and pull for characters that would seem enjoyable to you. Large damage are just numbers, enjoy yourselves😙

  3. I playing with Yoymiya in her quest goes towards 2nd archon quest part can be wow dps, but I saw 3c her full build and I thinking, normal dps that supposed to be at 0c.

  4. I'm so tempted to get back into Genshin Impact. I'm playing tons of Punishing Gray Raven now and pulling on that has better rate. I need incentive to come back. Like Baal.

  5. I can enjoy this video, because I skipping this banner for my main reasons.

  6. lol proof that a majority of youtubers are brain dead, thinking shes trash. GO BACK TO SCHOOL lol

  7. nouuuu yoimia was hitting that kitty cat with her charged shotssss. poor kitty

  8. I just lost 50/50 to keqing…. I wanted Yoimiya so bad…..

  9. I fucking hate 50/50 system so much.. if i quit this game, it will be because of 50/50 bs.

  10. I can understand people skipping Yoimiya since pyro has lots of competition, but personally I summon because, ya’know, waifu

  11. Ahhh I want sayu, but I can only spare 30 pulls to try for her. I hope I can get her Dx

  12. Me, a f2p, wanting her for since she came out. I will have her no matter what.

  13. I lost my 50/50 to mona than got youmiya on hard pity. After lever up got 3 standard fate and got 2 keequing in a row.. she is c6 hope she will never drop, she was my main I love her but man she ruins my 50/50 everywhere

  14. She seems really underwhelming. And I was super hyped for her but I am losing fate she's good.

  15. Got her at my First pull but- i don't even wanted her

  16. Use Sayu hold E and spam WASD in a spastic movement for insane dps.

  17. I hate how everyone get diona but my 70 pulls i didnt get one

  18. i got Yoimiya and her weapon in 31 pulls. Most luck I've ever had

  19. Crystalfly thing doesn’t really matter since there such a vast amount of them all around missing 2 isn’t much

  20. Hey test out that her artifact set on diluc I’m tryna see something

  21. I really wanted sayu… used up all my primos to not get her and get yoimiya early.. and ended without her. I’m crying 😭

  22. Sayu is actually fun to play, especially when you get constellations.

  23. You straight up called that QiQi pull kekw! Then the double 5* oh man! Good vid!

  24. 51:00 I love chat freaking out about the cat as tenha just reads abilities

  25. when you’re F2P, mobile, and infinite bad luck and you want Yoimiya and Sayu-


  27. shes definetly more of a sub dps ad thats how im going to build her, i just think shes cool and also very pretty so thats why ill use her.

  28. Got Sayu but I want to wait to get Yoimiya because I have terrible luck when it comes to the 50/50.

  29. I lost the 50/50 and I'm so mad my entire savings..

  30. I hope you can get the 400.000 or 500.000k subscribers this year

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