You NEED TO Get This 4-Star Sword: Amenoma Kageuchi | Genshin Impact -

You NEED TO Get This 4-Star Sword: Amenoma Kageuchi | Genshin Impact

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Amenoma Kageuchi is the new 4-star sword in Inazuma and looks to be an awesome addition to #genshin. I can already see the potential, and the fact you get materials to craft this from the quest is even more reason to hunt it down in #genshinimpact
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  1. The sword works decently with electro Traveler. Two reasons for this. First, other characters picking up a shadow reduces the cooldown by 1.5s. So if you generate 3 shadows and use a different character to pick them up, that's 4.5s off that cooldown, reducing it to 9. Second, it counteracts a drawback the electro Traveler has. That being that the elemental skill generates zero particles. But with this sword, when you burst after using your elemental skill a few times, you'll refill a bunch of energy right away, setting you up for your next burst. However, there are two downsides. The first is that you need to charge up the weapon and have your burst up to get things rolling. But you don't really want to pick up the shadows with the Traveler, because no cooldown reduction then. The second is that you're going to want high refines on the weapon, so you get a nice chunk of energy. But that's kind of the case for all the four star energy generation weapons. They all benefit greatly from refines.

  2. I use Jean as a sub DPS/Healer. I think this will be good for her

  3. You said that The Anemoma Kageuchi doesn't work on Xingqiu because his skill cd is too long and you can max use 2 seeds, however I found out that whenever you use a skill the duration on the seed reset, so with this all sword character that have a skill cd that is lower than 30 or 29 sec they are able to utilize max potential of the sword.

  4. i mostly use this on ayaka less because it's a very decent weapon but because it looks damn amazing on her

  5. Would this be good on jean? I keep switching her weapons I'm not sure what to keep on her

  6. Idk why but watching Mtashed Videos gave me nostalgia from the early days of Genshin specifically the damage guide.

  7. Currently ref 3 , due desire is on albedo and celestial on bennet…. Im really happy how works with ayaka really nice, thanks mtashed

  8. Me: I've decided to put off this quest for a cool katana for an untold period of time because of the sheer length of time I have to spend on my pc to get it

    Edit: nvm I got bored and decided to get it

  9. Was thinking of making this sword, but i had a free roll in my wish, and said F-it more fuel for increasing the sword…nope…i got mist splitter for Ayaka and was like…well…did ALL this for you and you reward me with this…i am both insulted and pleased with you game.

  10. How I feel about this sword… It's good, but just currently their is not a good users of this sword that I use. Like you want this over others.
    The best user I think is Jean, which I don't have.
    This weapon effectively lowers your burst quota. So those with 40 requirement like Keqing, is mostly useless. Because In the 12 sec cool down, you already filled it most of the time even without recharge. By cycling

    Electro traveler, I think is decent, but feels like favonious will do him better. Because of how he works, you most likely need a battery for him, as his giving energy is focused on a singular character. And little for him self. And this doesn't actuality help him get energy, just lower his requirement.

    Bennet you want high base damage, and this is I think on the lower side.

    Keaya I think would also be good. But don't use.

    The best I have I think would be geo traveler.

  11. Mtashed : "I don't need it, i don't need it…
    I NEED IT"

  12. I already put this sword in Kazuha before watching this vid, just because of pure aesthetic and that juicy atk

  13. I think this is one of my first times viewing one of your videos. I love the break down and insight on this weapon and truth behind who its good and bad for an why. I have one gripe about the video, THE ECHOING lol. I know something minute, but can be irritating to viewers. I can tell you are in a open room and your mic is great but picking up a lot of reverberations. I highly suggest getting some sound absorbing panels to help deafen the echo. keep it up 🙂

  14. This sword is good for Jean, ATK for heal and sword's passive summed with her passive

  15. Would this be good on kazuha too? I don't have any 5 star weapons-

  16. The sword is not good on Ayaka cause her CD is 20s

  17. Would this be good on a main dps Kaeya though? 😶

  18. the ad in this video was eula's char trailer. and yes, I didn't skip. skl

  19. Me who is torn on if i should give it to my kazuha or kaeya 😭😭😭

  20. R1 of amenoma kageuchi is more op than my r3 iron string on kazuha. it looks so cool on him too

  21. Question; Would the sword be a good choice for an Electro Keqing?

  22. Hi. Anyone tell me which sword is best for Anemo Traveler Etype? Amenoma, Sacrificial, Festering, Harbinger???

  23. I have good swords and no extra blueprints but I still want to use this because it looks good on ayaka, like cosmetically

  24. you should put INAZUMA in title, so people know which phase they can get it

  25. Because Bennett scales with base atk I’d say that this sword is not good on him. However, it is definitely viable on many other characters.

  26. Now I regret not pulling Kazuha, Please roast this Yoimiya simp

  27. I still have the billet trove from the event (that i forgot the name of) a while ago w

  28. i use the sword on qiqi sonce her healing scales on atk. is it a good choice?

  29. where do you go in inazuma to craft the new weapons? i just got to inazuma so-

  30. Keqing has a 40 cost burst so NO.. you dont wanna use this sword on her

  31. Sometimes I get some serious Dr.Mike vibes from him

  32. Yeah it’s on taken me… 2 days so far. 😅🥲
    Edit: I am going to be R5-ing it!

  33. Me : "woo ayaka i want one"
    Genshin : "oh you back ! Here you got 1 pull ayaka"
    Me : wot?
    (Btw dunno pity or not cuz smh the page was just empty lol)

  34. how do i get it tho, am i too late or too low AR im AR 28

  35. I had a lvl 80 stinger on kaz n he did about 8k yet when I put a lvl 80 amenona on him he did 11k – 14k definitely recommended for kaz mains ☺️

  36. Is R1 or R2 or even R3 of this weapon recommended over R0 Blackcliff Longsword for Keqing?

  37. As far as the traveler goes, this seems like it would be very good on geo. 8 seconds on E, and a Q that would enjoy a lot being spammed.

  38. Lower base attack, but like 30% MORE attack % than some other weapons. Pretty insane!
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