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The new Theater Mechanicus event in Genshin Impact’s latest 2.0 Inazuma update is here! Enviosity experiments with several different builds and shenanigans to see what works, and you’ll be surprised at the results…

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📌 Timestamps 📌

00:00 | Intro
01:15 | Electro Only
02:12 | Jean
02:35 | Pyro Only
04:09 | More Pyro
04:24 | More Electro
05:38 | Hydro Only
07:28 | Physical Only (CRACK SHOT)
12:43 | Outro

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  1. What's this genshin impact. It's been a month since I stopped playing

  2. Why did i bother thinking about reactions. i should've just did mono-elemental turrets like this!

  3. Looks like mono element is the way to go this time.

  4. Wait how do you do this so easily? I'm kinda struggling just in the second stage

  5. You can use Kazuha's e while gliding in mid-air

  6. Mihoyo: Makes a strategic tower defense game for people to use their IQ on
    Envi: Spams one kind of turret and murders everything

  7. i feel like the cryo and hydro combo is the go to for the first theatro mechanicus. and now the other is getting buff lmao

  8. You made Theater Mechanicus an entertaining event for me. I used to curse this event even way back in 1.3. Thank you.

  9. Someone gonna tell him Tony hit 130 million in this

  10. This was pretty much how I played the first Theatre Mechanicus too, electro/pyro overload all the way lmao, if I need freeze or anemo knockback I do it myself

  11. Jean comes running after you. "Sir! Please stop! Sir!" You turn around to see what the nice lady wants and get socked in the face so hard you plummet into the void.

  12. Do pyro and electro with the 1500 cards. And grab the overload DMG bonus card. It causes them to get knocked back, even large enemies get stunned. Throw in a few banishing or the point circles with the reduced speed cards. They can't run past the towers and get knocked back.

  13. Unpopular opinion, but this event is kinda boring. Basically build a couple of towers at the beginning and then shuffle through cards for the rest of the run 😑

  14. Start: Electro is OP
    2 minutes later: Pyro is OP
    2 more minutes late: Hydro is OP
    Then at the end: Physical is OP

    I guess everything is OP

  15. MiHoYo made this event even better than before, awesome

  16. I really want character with that gold Electro…

  17. I'm small brain and i don't really know how it works?

  18. Meanwhile there's me who tried to do all these sophisticated methods mixing elements and changing elements every stage

  19. Thank you!! Having a hard time what combination should I place. Happy weekend to me!!!

  20. The intro reminds me of Avengers when Thor bottlenecked the portal via lightning

  21. after this vod
    taka gg : Am i a Joke to you T_T

  22. what's the benefit of finishing the event? Is there anything else besides the shop?

  23. I have seen this on live stream and it was so fun. Even someone commented that "envi the way u r playing is disrespectful to the game"😂😂😂

  24. Players: Buff electro please!


  25. The woman handling theater mechanicus in Inazuma clearly had a bias when it came to electro lol

  26. Dude, imagine this mechanism put alongside raids. That would be so cool having turf wars or raids against monsters in a domain or sumn with yo friends. They literally made all these great maps, all they need now is to assemble them with a twist.

  27. When first they buff electro in the wrong game then the buff an event within Genshin lol

  28. "I'll show you that electro is OP on its own that you don't need to think of anything."

    two sawachurls make it across

  29. when you said cod i instantly thought of swarm killstreak

  30. Imagine we use Physical tower suddenly Ruin Guard appear..

  31. We ain't seen it all until the Ruin hunter comes for your throat like a f'king train.

  32. hahaha i did that and got 100k dmg per bolt.

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