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ZHONGLI Shields Strength Comparing | Genshin Impact

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0:00 30K
1:17 40K
2:45 50K
3:52 60K
5:05 High DEF
5:25 Showcase
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  1. I am so dumb for not realizing that we can minimize the damage to shield if the current character hasil high defense

    Its as if shield is just your additional HP, and to make your additional HP last longer, you have to have high defense so your so called additional HP wont deplet fast.

    Thanks for the video. I think I am gonna start building my C6 Noelle paired with my high HP Zhongli with lvl 10 shield

  2. Dodging: look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power

  3. My Zhongli is running 21k hp atm lmao his shield is doing just fine
    Also the dear 115k meatball hits make me happy

  4. I appreciate the making of this video but I feel really bad for Ningguang

  5. As a Ningguang main, this hurt to watch 😭😭

  6. This was actually really informative. I quite enjoyed watching this. I’m the kind of person that needs visual information. I can’t read it to understand it. So I’m really glad this video exists

  7. Me here upon deciding to save for Zhongli after having gotten a godroll Geo dmg Tenacity goblet as my first artifact in the domain xD It would’ve been sad if I lost the 50/50 on him for the 3rd time in a row. Is it a coincidence that he is never runned when I am on guaranteed (I have never once won a 50/50) I THINK NOT!!!

  8. Funny how u sacrifice ninguang and not Zhongli himself 🥺😂👍

  9. I’m sure this has already been said, but you only get the Geo Resonance: Enduring Rock when you have 4 characters in your active party. Most of the time you only had 2 or 3. But if you knew this already feel free to disregard!

  10. When ningguang no bolide zongli shield are not stable but if u use zongli with 2 bolide your shield streng are dffrnt, so this test are something

  11. Not at all bro…our geo daddy has infinity shield strength

  12. how bout talent,ur e talent increase sheild strength,just curious

  13. My Recommendations:
    38-40k HP w/o 4pc tenacity
    30-32k HP w/ 4pc tenacity
    From recent testing 4pc tenacity set is making my sheilds look like a 40k sheild with only having 31k HP, making my Ningguang tank atleast 3 hits from the Cryo Regisvine before breaking and doing a tiny bit of damage (note my ningguang is lvl 80 with a no set bonuses and alot of damage stats). from what i can hypothesize the tenacity set can give around 8k hp worth of sheilding to your units. tanking that much damage is enough to survive any big attacks and won't compromise my damage. also enough not to break and refresh ur sheild back up again.

  14. Geo duddy would u like to come home this time,plz…

  15. I will make him an DPS but il add Albedo in my team to deal double damage

  16. Happy to say my noelle shield is better than 30k HP

  17. Hmm would some of zhongli mains recommend an artifact set???

  18. This kinda makes me want to pull for Zhong Li

  19. If you declare with your mouth, Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the deadyou will be saved Romans10:9

  20. Ни одна Нин Гуан не пострадала в этом видео

  21. I think you didn't scale up his talent very much. That's a little misleading. 30K zhongli's shield can't be this fragile if you build him properly.

  22. wait what def can important as well? i thought hp is all that matters…why is no one talking about that

  23. Нин-Гуан весь ролик: дорогой дневник…

  24. Your shield on 50k hp is very weak, I can withstand dvalin, geo cube, and azdaha attacks on 47k hp

  25. Я даже не знаю сколько времени потратил человек, но спасибо ему

  26. 40k seems to be the sweet spot for me when using ToM.

    With 43k HP, Lvl 8 Talent, and no Geo resonance, His shield can survive a full rotation of my Hu Tao / Diluc Vap and Ganyu melt even Face tanking a lot of overloads in Floor 12 Abyss.
    Isn't enough face tank the 3 Kenki chamber tho.

  27. As a zhongli abuser i feel offended by the fact that you only have 30k hp and probably your talents to lvl 1

  28. I have my Zhong with a little over 34k, on 4pc emblem fate set with favonious lance. Shield is good for general purpose and the ER and particles from FL mean i can constantly rain down meteors lol

  29. A bar for shield integrity will be really useful

  30. My 27.8k zhongli can take most of the stuff. 😐 And that too he is my main dps 3x crowned

  31. Well I need to build a HP pure shield artifact set just in case. 🤭

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